Guide on How to Send ATT Email to Text

Guide on How to Send AT&T Email to Text

AT&T is one of the largest and top-rated telecommunications companies that offer services widely used worldwide, including Landline and television to the Internet and Emails. Moreover, if you are an AT&T mail and device user, then you will be happy to know that you can easily send emails as text or text as an email to the recipients having AT&T mailbox. However, there are certain cases where users have complained AT&T email to text not working, but this does not happen mostly. In this blog, we will talk about how to send AT&T email to text and tips on how to resolve AT&T email not working.

Step to Send Email to Text and Text to Email in AT&T

A corresponding email address is given with every AT&T wireless number, and users can easily send an email to that address and make it delivered as a text, picture, or video message as per the requirement. Follow the steps mentioned below to send an email message as a text message.

  • Compose a new email and enter the ten digits wireless number of the recipient followed by For example, is the wireless number of the recipient is 6666663434, then you have to enter
  • Likewise, if you want to send a picture of a video message, then you have to compose a new mail, again entering the 10 digit mobile number followed by For example, you’ve to write like
  • Moreover, if you want to send a text, picture, or video message directly to the email address of the recipient, then you can easily do that by composing a new message and by entering the email address instead of a wireless number.

The above ways are the apt solution to send AT&T Email to text. Moreover, email to text AT&T not working is the issue that occurs once in a blue moon, and there are solutions to resolve that as well.

Quick Solution for AT&T Mail Not Working

There can be numerous reasons for your AT&T email not working. However, most of the time primary reason for this issue is when the users face sign-in error. The cause associated with it can be entering the wrong password/username, forgotten password or connectivity issue, or hacked account. Mostly, the issue is when users forget the password. Below are the steps to recover the same.

Steps to Fix AT&T Email Not Working Issue

  • Before going ahead, make sure that you have good internet connectivity to reset the password
  • Open the following link and observe a couple of options appearing on your screen
  • Now, as you want to reset the password, click on ‘I forgot my…’ option
  • Enter your mail id or user id under the Password section of the AT&T email account for which you are trying to reset the password. Type that in the given field.
  • Enter the last name in the given field. After that, enter the code as shown in the image on your screen
  • Select the checkbox next to save user id in case you are using a trusted device for the recovery of your password
  • Click on Continue once you’re done with the above steps
  • Now, on the next page, you will be asked to choose the option by which you would like to reset your AT&T email account. The two options will include: Send me a temporary password, or I’ll answer my security questions
  • Finally, follow the on-screen prompts, which will differ on the basis of the option chosen

These steps will help you reset your password and will solve the issue of AT&T email not working. However, if you still face any issue, you can reach out to AT&T live person to get your concern resolved by a professional.

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